Press Release
Friday, 29 May 2009

A true war victory is only when it marks the beginning of true peace – UNP

ImageTissa Attanayake, the UNP Gen Secretary and M.P. addressing a media briefing yesterday ( 27 May) , said true peace can dawn if only the end of the war marks the beginning of harmony of all races and dawn of true peace. The Govt . has now got a golden opportunity of driving home the advantage gained by eliminating terrorism by solving the needs of the people and creating ethnic harmony ,  for it is the ethnic disharmony that led to the war.

It is heartening that the Govt. has stated it would implement the 13th amendment which it has been dilly dallying so far . The UNP is always there with the Govt. in all its actions directed to achieve permanent peace and prosperity for the people . This amendment will certainly contribute towards this , and the UNP is wholeheartedly supporting it , he noted.Let not the Govt. slip away from its responsibilities and allow the opportunity that has come its way too to slip away , he asserted.
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