Press Release
Monday, 16 March 2009

Govt. trying to cover up its economic bungling like how it covers up its grave security lapses- United National Party General Secretary Tissa Attanayake


ImageUNP Gen. Secretary Tissa Attanayake said, the country’s economy is so routed and explosive due to the fiscal bungling of the Rajapakse Govt. that its  ‘explosion’ which is  imminent now, can be more disastrous than the bomb explosions across the country due to security lapses , again due to Govt. bungling. The Govt. which said that it will not kowtow to the IMF and Foreign lending Banks as it has its own  programs to develop the country without foreign assistance is now compelled to go

with the begging bowl to the International Monetary Fund for a colossal 1.9 billion dollar loan . Wimal Weerawansa ,the Govt. crony who promised to pull the plug and stop Foreign Institutions from controlling the SL economy has joined with the Govt. and pushed the plug deeper so much so that the whole country can soon be electrocuted by the current leak resulting from this 1.9 billion dollar loan taken by the Govt. in its abysmal  desperation . The Govt. is hiding the  true picture on this loan – not stating the conditions attaching nor the purposes for which it is being taken, except that the whole country and the World  are aware that the foreign exchange reserves of the country have  hit rock bottom – sufficient only for a few weeks!. Most of the subsidies which give relief to the people are also to be withdrawn , it is learnt, he noted.

The Govt. has taken the people on a long ride talking of a war for three years . Now , the people have come to the end of their  tether . The Govt. cannot fool all the people all the time . It is time it realized this truth and put its foot down to solve the people’s problems instead of solving its own problems at the expense of the people, he asserted.
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