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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Govt. issuing licenses to its politicos and thugs to violate laws,commit crimes and use illegal arms for elections-Tissa Attanayake

ImageTissa Attanayake , UNP Gen. Secretary and M.P. addressing the Media at the UNP Media unit today (22Jul) ,has already started a campaign of State terror instead of an election campaign for the forthcoming Sabaragamuwa and North Central province elections. This is because it knows it can never win elections on the people’s popularity or on their fair and free exercise of franchise. Already There had been over 20 complaints against the Govt. for illegal use of State property and vehicles. Like in the EP elections, Govt. politicos are using number plate minus vehicles with the Police doing nothing about it. Just yesterday, armed groups have stormed into several Mill owners of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa who are not pro Govt. and threatened them with dire consequences while trying to plunder their possessions.

Indeed, Bertie Premalal, the UPFA candidate has openly offered a threat that he would take action after the 23rd August, that is ,after the elections, against those who have not supported him.

Even though the Elections Commissioner had called for curbing of election law violations, the Govt. instead of curbing is doing everything to increase them, he added.
All these actions only go to confirm further that the Govt. is incapable of winning in a free and fair elections, and is therefore compelled to resort to the worst machinations and criminal activities in its desperation.

Election laws are so flagrantly violated that Police Officers are being illegally transferred in order that the Govt. can have its lackeys and stooges in those areas who would stoop to any Govt. instruction during election time, he exhorted. Huge posters of UPFA candidates are still being displayed against election laws . These posters also have the photo of the President implying that he too has concurred in these acts.

While the UNP Chief Ministerial candidate, Janaka Perera , a celebrated war Hero is provided with only 4 constables for his security, the UPFA candidate has been provided with a security fleet of seventy  specialized personnel. The Govt. is fully aware that Rtd. Major General Janaka Perera has threats from the LTTE, as he fought against the LTTE and won several victories for the country when he was in service.

It is time all parties unite to crush the undemocratic, tyrannical and lawless actions of the Govt. designed to militate against the conduct of fair and free elections. This is a dangerous trend denying the people their most important fundamental democratic right of franchise. Hence, it is an evil and crime affecting every party and person, thus necessitating all parties to unite and fight as one against the Govt.’s despotism and lawlessness, and restore this voting right to the masses, he concluded.

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