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Monday, 27 July 2015

TNA manifesto a threat to country's independence - Tissa 

z_p03-tna-manifesto.jpgUPFA National List nominee Tissa Attanayake yesterday said independence of the country won at a great cost has been challenged by the manifesto of Tamil National Alliance. He asked what the opinion of the UNP was in this regard.He specially asked what was the opinion of Patali Champika Ranawaka and Ven Athuraliye Rathana Thera in this respect. Their past opinions have been challenged by their present political roles.

They should reveal their real opinion to the country very clearly.

He was addressing a press conference yesterday at the Opposition Leader's office. Attanayake said the much anticipated political changes cannot be seen within the Good Governance. There are no Mr. Cleans among the Good Governance lot. Through the Treasury Bond issue, the country has lost Rs 6 billion. Two weeks back Ranawaka said that it was the biggest corruption incident." But I don't know what his stand is now. People should vote on August 17 to rid themselves of the Good Governance trick, he said.

Attanayake said that, recently the SLMC also had requested a separate administrative unit and during the past Presidential Election period they came to an agreement with the UNP in this regard.

According to their manifesto the TNA expects a solution beyond the 13th Amendment.

The TNA has proposed to merge the Northern Province with the Eastern Province. "We question the SLMC and the UNP about their stand on this," he said. The TNA manifesto calls for the release of terrorist suspects, held under the PTA, he said.

"All matters contained in the TNA manifesto is a challenge to the Constitution and a threat to our independence.

"The TNA manifesto speaks of a united country and the need to go for a political solution. They has stressed we cannot be a unitary state," he said.

Former MPs Dilan Perera and State Service Trade Union Congress President W. H. Piyadasa also spoke and former Media Ministry Secretary Charitha Herath too participated.