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Friday, 24 July 2015

 Tissa’s United Citizens’ Front a haven for those frustrated with ‘good governance’

tissa_pak.jpgThe United Citizens’ Front is a platform for people who are frustrated with the so called good governance and for those who think of an advance political culture over that of conventional political parties, Leader of United Citizens’ Front, Tissa Attanayake said yesterday. He said so addressing the media after forming the new political party under the banner “United Citizens Front”. He added that the constitution of the United Citizens’ Front (UCF) will be presented after the August 17 General Election. “UCF is not another three wheeler political party

. We have planned to expand the party”, he said. Attanayake added that several persons including ex-parliamentarians, intellectuals and social workers etc., are keen on joining the UCF. Especially, many UNP supporters are willing to join the UCF. Speaking on the political conduct of the UNP, he said that the UNP is deteriorating day-by-day because of the wrong leadership of the party.