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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you – Tissa Attanayake tells Govt.

ImageSpeaking at a media conference at the UNP media unit today (25 Mar) , UNP Gen. Secretary and MP. Tissa Attanayake said, the Govt . which has a great passion to fish in troubled waters was anxious to de -stabilize and dismantle the UNP like it had maneuvered in respect of  other parties . This was clearly evinced by the concern manifested by its members, specially Dallas Alahepuruma who held a special meeting recently to discuss the imaginary UNP issues and differences  , when the UNP itself had no such major issues to discuss.  The Govt. which is beleaguered and up against a blank wall unable to solve the burning problems of the masses and the country’s grave economic ills is preoccupied with this ‘game’ now. It is better the Govt. be warned not to trouble trouble until  trouble  troubles the Govt. , he observed.

It is little wonder that politicians like Wimal Weerawansa , find this Govt. as a safe haven with their chameleon traits . This somersault wizard , who earlier fought tooth and nail against foreign loans being taken when the UNP was in power for purposes useful to the country , has now joined with the Govt. to approve of massive foreign loans many more times over sought by the present Govt. His party , the JVP to which he belonged during its  1988- 1989  killing spree  went on  killing even   those who imported Indian medicines and food items including Bombay onions and dhal as they are foreign . Now , where is this so called patriot and his patriotic policies gone and hidden when traveling in the ‘golden chariot ‘ provided y the Govt. to plaster his mouth ? he asked.

It is very unfortunate that in SL there are self proclaimed patriots who can become traitors within seconds , but yet could deceive the gullible masses. All they have to do is wear a mask .

If there is any party or leader who can say they have been patriotic , it is only the UNP and its Leader , he stated . In 2005 , when the President Rajapakse wanted UNP’s assistance to tide over the national problems , it is only the UNP and its  Leader  Ranil Wickremesinghe who agreed  to sign a memorandum of understanding in the national interests without demanding posts and portfolios . Finally , the President betrayed the trust the UNP reposed in him by  tearing apart the memorandum while secretly and surreptitiously also taking into his fold some of the UNP MPs., he asserted.
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