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Thursday, 07 August 2014

Presidential Election: No hurry to select candidate – UNP

Call for abolition of Executive Presidency growing...

tissa_attanayake_derana_press_2013.jpgThe UNP says that it was not in a hurry to select its Presidential candidate.There was ample time, General Secretary of the UNP Tissa Attanayake said addressing a press conference in Colombo."We, are yet to pick the person who would be entrusted with the task of sending President Mahinda Rajapaksa home for good. Right now our efforts are focused on forming the broadest possible opposition coalition to not only win the next Presidential Election, but also abolish the Executive Presidency which had instead of strengthening democratic institutions and enforcing the rule of law, become the chief cause for nepotism, rampant corruption and the unprecedented crime wave that had engulfed the entire country."

The objective in introducing the Executive Presidency was to ensure stability, justice and fair play. But, under the Rajapaksas it had become a tool to hound and eliminate those who dared to criticize its dictatorial policies which had not only alienated sections of the population, but also the country being hauled up before international forums, he noted.

Attanayake said it was evident that more and more people had begun to realize the dangers of the all powerful Presidency in the clutches of a "family" whose only aim was to perpetuate its hold on power at any cost, regardless of the consequences to the country. "The number of persons who have had enough of the Rajapaksa dictatorship and are demanding that the incumbent be made answerable to Parliament was increasing by the day. So, it would not be difficult for us to form a common front that would be able to truly free them from poverty, fear and uncertainty, that they have had to live under, despite the LTTE long being defeated due to the combined efforts of the security forces, police and the masses as well."

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